How to convert values from the American system to the European system?

In order to understand the Moneyline it is necessary to understand that it is a concept that comes from America, therefore every bettor must know how to convert values from the American system to the European system. In addition to this question, it is necessary to master some basic concepts that are deeply rooted in […]

What does Over/Under betting mean?

The translation of these terminologies are a reflection of what this form of betting means or how this form of betting works. Over/Under are the guidelines that govern these Over/Under bets. In this sense it refers to the bets that are made with the calculations and predictions of the goals scored during the development of […]

Advantages of betting with Bitcoin in the best bookmakers and casinos

Even if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency, you must be wondering what are the advantages of betting with Bitcoin at the best bookmakers and casinos? In fact, a notorious benefit of betting with cryptocurrency is that there are no exchange fees charged by the bookmaker or casino. In this regard, it is specifically stated […]

What is the Moneyline?

A simple way to understand what the Moneyline is is based on understanding it as the reference system that establishes the relationship between the money wagered and the profit obtained. The Moneyline makes things easier for the bettor by clearly establishing the roles of each team involved and thus differentiating the “Favorite” from the “Underdog”. […]


Systems of bigger dimensions Let’s see what other system sizes are available and what their breakeven thresholds are. Of particular interest are the four-element systems. There is already a manoeuvre here. It is possible to make a dimension “2-4” or “3-4”. For the size “2-4” the break-even point would be the coefficient of 1.42. At […]


Odds, systems and single bets at different selections Let’s compare how much money parlays, systems and single bets can bring in over a distance, with different selections. We’ll take a 300 stake range. We will allocate three equal pools of $30 000 each. First deposit we will play a simple flat with 300 bets of […]